One of the highlights of the 7th Festival of Serbian Fantasy Film in Belgrade was the first Serbian Zombie Walk.
            It took place on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, 20th October 2012.
            The team of about 20 zombie-makers was supervised by the living legend of Serbian make-up effects, Miroslav Lakobrija (T.T. SYNDROME, SRPSKI FILM, ...PORN GANG, ZONA MRTVIH etc) - pictured below:
            Dylan Dog, famous English (Italian) investigator of the occult & occasional zombie killer, was also in Belgrade. 
            The festival's special guest was the Italian EFX maestro, Sergio Stivaletti, responsible for the zombies in DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE and for gore & visual effects in almost everything Argento's done since PHENOMENA.
            Stivaletti was head of the jury which awarded the best zombie make-up.
            Here's the winner! The one on the left, that is.
            I was there, too – but without make-up. I didn't need it.
            The walk was accompanied by a cheerful atmosphere of carnival – nothing strange for Serbs, who are used to sing & dance & make fools of themselves in face of adversity and apocalypse.
            Here's a video with some of the moments from the Belgrade Zombie walk.

            Plus, some more pics to give you the idea of the event. Enjoy.
            P.S. Click on a pic to see it bigger!