RUE MORGUE: New Horrors!

 You have one more week left to grab the April issue of RUE MORGUE #132 with some great stuff in it – and some of it may be mine.
In this one you can find my review of SLEEP TIGHT, one of the best horror-thrillers of the past year, directed by the Spanish master Jaume Balaguero, whom I had the pleasure to meet at last year's Grossmann film & wine festival. Something tells me you're likely to read my interview with him in some other RUE MORGUE-related thingy pretty soon.
Also, in the CLASSIC CUT, at the very end of the mag, there's my praise of one of the most important books about horror film ever written – and certainly and without doubt THE most important reference book on horror cinema around the world in existence: THE AURUM FILM ENCYCLOPEDIA: HORROR (aka THE OVERLOOK FILM ENCYCLOPEDIA: HORROR in its later, updated edition). If you haven't discovered this gem so far, take a look at my reasons for such a praise before you try to buy this hard-to-find item.
Finally, so far as my contributions to the mag are concerned, there's a feature article devoted to Laird Barron and his latest collection THE BEAUTIFUL THING THAT AWAITS US ALL. He talks about his influences (especially Lovecraft and pulp authors), about horror and noir-western-crime elements in his fiction (that's why the article is titled GODS & GUNS), and there's also my overview of his latest book's highlights.
Sadly, a very rare and unexpected thing happened: the book was due to appear on April 2. Instead, just a few days later, news broke that its publisher, Night Shade Books (who also published his two previous collections + excellent novel THE CRONING) is on the verge of bankruptcy and will most likely be bought by another company – provided their authors agree to the new conditions. The book remains in a limbo while this whole thing with Night Shade Books is satisfactorily resolved, but while you await this truly wonderful and deservedly highly anticipated collection, here's a gift from Barron to all of his devoted readers – a free story on his site, as a sign of appreciation for your patience and support. Check this exclusive horror tale HERE!
So, hurry up, and grab this EVIL DEAD issue of RUE MORGUE (its full contents are HERE) while it's still available.

Only a week from now it will be replaced by the latest – devoted to BRITISH HORROR FILM, new and old. This year commemorates full 40 years since the classic THE WICKER MAN (1973), and to celebrate the May Day, RUE MORGUE offers brand new interviews with the director Robin Hardy and star, Sir Christopher Lee
I'm author of the interview with Christopher Lee since I had the honor to meet and talk to the living legend, also at Grossmann film & wine festival. Read it to see why Lee considers THE WICKER MAN his personal favorite among all the films he's ever been in.  
I believe issue #133 will also feature my review of John Langan's wonderful second collection, THE WIDE, CARNIVOROUS SKY AND OTHER MONSTROUS GEOGRAPHIES, available from Hippocampus Press. Give it a chance – it's great stuff (and has an afterword by Laird Barron)!

By the way, RUE MORGUE has just received Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for the Best Modern Magazine and it also got one for Best Magazine Column (It Came From Bowen's Basement by John W. Bowen). 
The very same RM was also shortlisted or second-tied in several other categories:
Best Themed Issue (RM#127)
Best Multimedia Horror Site (The Rue Morgue Podcast),
+ honorable mentions in  
the Best Convention (RM's Festival of Fear)
+ Best Article ("Ghosts of Horror Past: 25 Films That Have Been Lost to the Sands of Time", by Kelly Robinson, RM#124).
            The full list of Rondo Awards can be seen HERE.
            I'm really happy and proud for the opportunity to give my modest contribution to the best existing magazine devoted to horror in cinema and culture!