I liked William Malone's PARASOMNIA a lot, and was happy to write very positive reviews of it, both in Serbian and in English.

After too long a wait, the film is finally available on DVD and Blu-ray. The other day I saw an ad for that in the new issue of RUE MORGUE, and – lo and behold, they actually used a quote from my review as a blurb!!!

"A horror film which delivers the goods" is what I wrote in my review for BeyondHollywood.com.

I'm so glad they took note of that review and decided to use my words to promote this film.

This is only my second blurb so far.

Previously, they used a bit from my review of HEIRLOOM on the DVD cover, though in that case they were not very honest.

In my review for Kung Fu Cult Cinema (now, sadly, defunct) I wrote:

"Other than the almost-wasted concept of baby ghosts, HEIRLOOM's centerpiece is the old house, the setting for majority of the film. This masterpiece of production design is certainly among the spookiest ever seen in Asian horror film, and Kwan Pun-leung's more than excellent cinematography makes the most of it..."

The distributors chose to take some of my words out of context, and put the following quote on the DVD cover:

"among the spookiest ever seen in Asian horror."

While I was obviously praising only the production design (with mixed feelings about the film itself), they made it look like the words referred to the film! Oh, well, welcome to the world of advertizing and blurbs!

In any case, my words for PARASOMNIA are not used in that manner, and my advice is for everyone who likes their horror quirky, weird, unconventional, creepy, gory and inventive to buy this DVD.

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