Interview about Serbian horror films

 Below you can find the interview I gave to Donato Totaro while I attended Montreal's FANTASIA 2010. The occasion was the program called SUBVERSIVE SERBIA during which I presented a selection of new and old Serbian fantasy and horror films. 
It is a lengthy interview, and it includes talk about general tendencies and close reading of certain aspects of specific films + some talk about Serbia's unfortunate recent history... There are also Donato's sharp insights into some of the films, so it's all pretty worthwhile, if you care to learn more about the cultural background that brought A SERBIAN FILM, among other films – but also to find out about other, not as publicized titles.
You can read it all in the latest issue of the excellent net-magazine OFFSCREEN if you clik the link in the title below:
            Talking about FANTASIA, I also recommend you take a look at the new issue of their magazine, Spectacular optical ! Plenty of great stuff, especially if you're into cult, genre, horror, weird, avant-garde, bizarre, crazy, esoteric filmmaking!

            And, finally FANTASIA has announced some of its highlights for this year's fest, and it promises to be one of the strongest ever! I envy all those who'll be able to go there. It's just the best film festival anywhere... You lucky North American bastards!

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  1. I think I will have to try and hunt down a couple of the films mentioned in your interview.
    I finally saw A Serbian Movie a couple of weeks ago - quite disturbing - but I think that the DVD I have has been somewhat censored as there are pictures on your post about it that appear to be from scenes I did not see. I hate that - especially on DVDs - I'm an adult and can decide for myself what I do/don't want to see. And I want to see films as the director intended.
    Do you know if/where (maybe a website) I can get subtitled versions of any of the films - not dubbed - urghh.
    And great interview too. Learnt a few things.

  2. thank you for your interest: those titles available with english subs can be found HERE: http://abraxas365dokumentarci.blogspot.com/search/label/serbian%20movies
    please have in mind that most of these subs are actually FANSUBS, made by people whose english is far from perfect - but sadly, for the older titles this is the only way anyone outside of serbia can see them! enjoy, and come back with your thoughts! some of them were reviewed on this blog already.

  3. Thanks Dejan, I will let you know what I think. I would rather see a film with bad subs then dubbing anyway :)